Ukradena objava

Če bi hotel spisati bolje, kot je uspelo tejle blogerki, bi verjetno propadel po prvih nekaj vrsticah. Zato si bom sposodil (prekopiral) kar njeno objavo. Torej zakaj imamo radi kolesa in kolesarjenje:
I heart bike
Biking, to be exact.
Here’s why:

  • for the freshly cut grass you smell at the same spot every time; manure as well, but you filter that out
  • for the sweat running down your legs that makes you need to scratch them
  • for the will you realize you have when you go less than 10 km/h up the hill, but you still make it to the top. every time.
  • for the stop you make before you turn back home
  • for the rush of life you get when you go more than 30 km/h
  • for when you try to scratch your head but hit the helmet instead
  • for the water splash over your face to refresh a bit; the sun and wind will dry up the wet t-shirt – something you didn’t really think of before …
  • for the adrenaline that pumps your blood when you race more than 50 km/h downhill
  • for when it starts raining right after you’ve returned and showered
  • for when the rain does get you and you realize it’s even better
  • for the energy you squeeze in with the last couple of km
  • for the woozy wobbly legs you have when you get off the bike
  • for the lines the sun makes to mark your shorts on the legs and t-shirt on the arms; not pretty, but who cares.

And what do you heart?

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